Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 18-The Last Day

The combination of my last assignments involved making cupcakes and learning some new recipes. For these cupcakes, I used the Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Cupcake recipe. The recipe resulted in a delicious smelling apartment and very full cupcakes. I used the cupcake opportunity to practice with piping flowers and some other designs.

Upon the conclusion of this course, I have learned about many types of icing, many types of cakes, how to shape cakes, how to stack cakes, how to keep tiers from sliding, and how to make giant messes. Through reading some books on the history of sugar and cake, I learned about how the traditional wedding cake and groom's cake developed over time.

I'm excited to continue learning about cake decorating in my spare time (maybe after graduation). I now own an arsenal of baking supplies, and am certain I am just beginning my cake cook book collection.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 17-Suitcases

Today I made a cake to be eaten at another interim's cook off competition. The money raised from the competition supports the Wofford Travel Grant. In keeping with the travel theme, I made a two-tier suitcase cake. I made a chocolate cinnamon cake with buttercream filling and covered it with fondant.

Before I set out the decorate this cake, I googled "travel themed cakes" and the results were amazing. Out of all the cake pictures I have looked at this month, the suitcase cakes were definitely my favorite. Therefore, I tried to create on myself.

This cake was not very difficult to make, but it was difficult to decide how to make it. Luggage is a very diverse class of bag. Consequently, there were many decorating options. Based on the tools I had available and the amount of practice I have had with fondant, I decided not to recreate a Goyard trunk. Also, I had a bit of trouble with the luggage tags. As a result, these bags lack identification. Luckily they are not being checked.