Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 10-Gum Paste Flowers

Today marked my first attempt at gum paste flowers. Though I set out with the ambitious goal of star gazer lilies, I currently have seven Calla Lilies drying on paper cones in the kitchen. Tomorrow, I have to royal icing glue the center of the flowers into the outer petals, as well as paint them with food coloring and a luster dust. I'm hoping to master the plumeria flowers and Star Gazers tomorrow.

Making the Calla Lilies was quite and adventure. Because I didn't actually have paper cones when I started making them, they spent a little time propped up on a stick and a rolling pin, held up by the cornstarch. Actually, hanging from the end of the rolling pin seemed to help them gain a more realistic shape. However, it did impede the use of the cornstarch.

Hopefully, my lilies will still be intact a) in the morning and b) after I paint them

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