Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 8-Royal Messes

So today I tried to figure out what royal icing does besides act as a glue to stick other decorations on cakes or to decorate fancy cookies. I decided to make shapes on wax paper and use them as toppers on some cupcakes. After trying to figure out the different consistencies, I attempted (key word) to make some shapes to dry overnight to be used as decorations. I think my icing consistencies may have been a little off because the flooding technique didn't quite flood. Also, they don't look as lovely as they did in my mind. However, I am letting them sit overnight and will hopefully be able to take them off the wax paper and use them on my cupcakes.

One good thing about the royal icing is that it will allow me to attach gum paste flowers to cakes. I can't wait until I learn to make the realistic looking gum paste flowers, so the royal icing technique will be useful.

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