Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 14-Valentine's Day

Today, I made a Valentine's Day Barbie cake. I used a Wilton mold for the skirt. The mold came with the top half of Barbie's body. I used fondant logs underneath the pink fondant to create the illusion of folds in the skirt. I used white gum paste flowers as decorations for the dress.

I had to cover Barbie's body and the skirt with separate pieces of fondant. Because Barbie is made of a hard plastic, I had to use royal icing to make sure the fondant stayed in place and that Barbie did not experience any wardrobe malfunctions. I'm still not sure how I'm going to get the fondant off of her when the cake is eaten. Royal icing is a pretty strong glue.

Barbie's hair is quite a mess because I haven't played with barbies in a while and have lost my skill as a Barbie hairdresser. I'm really not ashamed of that, I'm just glad that her hair is out of the cake.


  1. Kath, the cake is beautiful. You have real talent!!! And you said bio was hard:)

    Luve ya,


  2. Kath, what a sweet cake! I love your creativity. I also had to laugh at your comment about your skill at Barbie hairdressing. Agree, not one of those skills one should aspire to develop. My memory of your Barbie hairdressing attempts, or lack thereof, of your childhood is that they resulted in Barbie hair in a constant state of snarled frowziness. But, who wanted a buttoned-down Barbie anyway. Miss you!! Love, Mom