Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 12-Cakes for Kids

My assignment for today was to make a cake for children. I used a box cake mix because I thought children might like it more than the spicier, richer taste of the homemade recipe I used previously. The bottom layer of the cake is chocolate, while the top is a yellow cake. I tried to use fun, bright colors for the cake. I think the end result was a baby shower cake, which is still fitting because baby showers generally occur before children anyway.

I used buttercream frosting to decorate the cake because throughout this month, I have come to the conclusion that fondant is just not delicious. After my last vine attempt, I learned the importance of adding corn syrup to the frosting. My designs came out much smoother on this cake because of this addition. This cake seems a little bit busier than my past cakes, but I think that's fitting for a child's cake. I took this cake to the children's shelter.

My next assignment is a holiday cake. Unfortunately, I think the closest holiday is Valentine's Day. I also have a Barbie cake mold that I've been dying to use. The combination of Valentine's Day and Barbie might just lead to the tackiest cake ever, but I'm secretly pretty excited.

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