Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 7-More Buttercream

Today, I continued my adventures with buttercream. I found an article online describing how to make buttercream look almost as smooth as fondant without making a rolled buttercream icing, so I decided to try it to try it on a cake that I made for a raffle at the Men's Wofford vs. Davidson basketball game. To make the icing smooth, I iced the cake and then refrigerated it for a few hours. When I took the cake out of the refrigerator, I dipped a spatula in hot water, dried it, and then lightly made a stroke with it across the cake. I re-dipped and dried the spatula inbetween every stroke. While the resulting product was not quite as smooth as fondant, it was definitely much smoother than other buttercream cakes I have made.

I finished the cake with brown swirls and brown, white and robin's egg blue flowers; the color scheme was the same one I used during the two previous days becuase a)I really love that color blue and brown and b)I was trying to use all the fondant I had already made and colored. However, even I have gotten a little tired of this color scheme and promise to try something new on my next cake.

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