Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 16-Winter Cake

Today I finished the Winter themed cake. I used three layers of cake for the bottom tier, and two layers for the top tier. I colored the fondant on the bottom tier with a mix of blues. To get the pattern on the top tier, I painted food coloring on the fondant instead of kneading the color into the fondant itself. I mixed a little bit of color in water and used a paintbrush to lightly sweep the color onto the cake. I found an icing with sparkles in it, and so I used that for the design on the top tier as well.

As added decoration, I made my first attempt at creating fondant figures by making some penguins. I briefly debated giving the penguins a separate head from their bodies, as well as feet. After a few minutes of molding the fondant, I decided that blob penguins were much more practical. Also, I made my penguins based on the assumption that they are all sitting on their feet to keep them warm.


  1. This is my ultimate favorite so far. The penguins are adorable! They remind me of the Happy Feet penguins. Does the sparkle icing taste good though? Seems like it would be crunchy.

  2. It's going to be 10 degress in Raleigh tonight, so the penguins are especially appropriate. You are so talented and creative. Enjoy those gifts.



  3. Kath, what a wonderful winter scene!! Those penguins would feel quite at home in our backyard with all of the snow. Ruby and Scout would love to play with them too. Hope you are keeping warm. Love, Mom