Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 13-Art Eats Bakery

Today was a great day! I spent my day at Art Eats Bakery in Greenville. The owner, Jackie Bishop, shared the history of the bakery with me and patiently answered all of my questions while she made a ton of cakes, conducted cake tastings and consultation appointments, and decorated cakes. I learned a lot of general baking and decorating tips, as well as about the baking industry.

For example, I was shocked to learn that many bakeries use cake mixes instead of fresh ingredients. However, Art Eats Bakery uses all fresh ingredients and the resulting cakes are much tastier than the standard bakery cake. I also learned how to pour eggs into a mixer while making sure that no egg shells sneak into the batter, how to decorate a butter cream cake without getting crumbs into the icing, and how to make a sheet cake level. I also learned how much work a cake decorating bakery requires. I would definitely be intimidated by the sheer volume of dedication and drive necessary to make a bakery succeed.

I cracked close to four dozen eggs into a large bowl, and when I was finished I looked into the bowl. I was struck for a moment at just how many almost-chickens never reach chick status thanks to baking.

I definitely suggest going to Art Eats Bakery!

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  1. Kath. In addition to admiring your beautiful cakes, I so enjoy your humor and philosophical musings. I don't think I ever will look at one of those almost-chicken eggs the same way again. Miss you!! Love, Mom