Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 4-Whipped Topping Adventures

My assignment today called for whipped topping. Instead of the thick, sturdy fondant I worked with yesterday, today I battled with tempermental egg whites and cake crumbs. After baking a simple chocolate cake, I trimed and torted the cake. Next, I embarked on whipped topping attempt number one. To make the topping, I needed to mix egg whites, sugar, salt, and water in a bowl over simmering water. For some reason, the water either wanted to boil or do nothing. After my roommate tried simmer therapy by asking the water what was wrong, whether it felt it had been treated unfairly, or if we could help it any way, it finally sort of simmered. After mixing the ingredients, I beat the mixture to make it stiffen enough to add vanilla. After a long time in the mixer, it still wasn't the right texture. When we hit the 10 minute mixing mark, my roommate pointed out that perhaps the egg yolks were the problem. When I glanced at the recipe, I took "egg whites" for "white eggs." Though I thought it was strange that egg color mattered, I didn't really give it a second thought. Clearly, whipped topping attempt number one went down the sink.

Whipped topping attempt number two went much better with just the egg whites. I used this batch to ice the cake. Even though I made the topping correctly the second time, it still had a fairly thin texture. When I iced my cake, I missed the smooth, thick look of the fondant. The little cake crumbs that were invisible yesterday seemed so prevalent in my cake today. Since the only thing I can really make by way of decoration right now are flowers, I tried to disguise the topping with flowers and vines.

I have come to the conclusion that whipped topping tastes delicious, but that I don't love decorating with it.


  1. I'm glad you got the "white eggs" egg whites scenario figured out. That's very amusing.It sounds like a very delicious cake!

  2. Katharine, the white eggs rather than egg whites fiasco is quite funny. My buying brown eggs over the holidays probably left you thinking about egg colors, leading you down the wrong path. Glad you figured it out. Love, Mom