Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 9-Rolled Buttercream

Today I used rolled buttercream to decorate a chocolate cake. Instead of the normal buttercream that you spread with a spatula, rolled buttercream handles and looks like fondant. However, it supposedly tastes better. I found it both easier and more difficult to work with than the fondant I have already used. I had a tricky time covering the cake with it while avoiding tears, but the tears were easier to patch than fondant tears.

Somewhere between coloring the buttercream and cutting out the shapes, I realized my cake looks a little bit like, well, Barney. I had pictured more of a mint color with lavender instead of a dinasour cake. When I voiced these concerns to my roommate, Sara's response was "well, I think Barney is actually a little bit darker purple." So my pale Barney cake is not the most beautiful creation ever, but I did discover a new icing.


  1. So, does it taste better?? And, I love the bright color would make a great kid's birthday cake! Who did you donate this one to?

  2. The rolled butter cream tasted a little better, but still not as great as the normal butter cream. Also, I actually took this one to Miracle Hill because they seemed so desperate for donations.